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2005 Fever Pitch Script

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XLineCounter is a open source C# program to analyze source code files and count number of source code line. It can count number of source line, comment line and blank line. It support C#.NET 2003/2005,VB.NET2003/2005,VB6.0,Delphi,SharpDevelop1.1.
February 17th 2013 Free    4,392k
Watkins Glenn Full Course
NEW startup sofware needs help attempting to use TORCS in our pitch to global motor sport teams for our system. Credit will be honored in our business plan, presentation, website, and possiblities exisit for future partnerships.
May 14th 2013 Free     
Cockpit is a flight simulator. It uses both mouse and keyboard input to allow users to manuever around a surface plot in a manner similar to flying an airplane. A limited instrument panel provides information on altitude, heading, and location. ...
December 16th 2012 Shareware  2.5 stars 10k
C4 - Christian's C++ Code Collection
C4 is a C++ class library for analyzing sound files, particularly spoken and sung phonations. C4 provides features such as frequency analysis, pitch extraction, or calculation of voice quality parameters (e.g. alpha ratio, HNR, jitter, etc.).
July 17th 2013 Free    978k file upload
KUpload+ is an ASP.Net File Upload component with Pure HTML Progress bar. KUpload+ allows great control over the upload of huge files (Up to Virtually Unlimited) from client browser to web server through HTTP. It has real time progress bar ...
January 17th 2012 Commercial  2.5 stars 845k
Validate Date field script
This script validates a date field to ensure it's in the format mm/dd/yyyy.It also intelligently checks that the date ranges are valid, so something like 02/30/2005 is caught.
February 8th 2012 Free     
Simple Google Street View
This plugin creates a point and click interface to add Google Street View panorama's to your posts and pages. Click on the appropriate media-button to insert one. You can add as many panorama's as you want and style them individually ...
December 12th 2012 Free  2.5 stars 481k
Newswriter 2005
A simple script to publish and admin your news. There is no need for a database. The News is stored in a simple file.
November 22nd 2005 Free     
Shell for Microsoft Compilers
Shell for Microsoft Compilers application could be build with Microsoft Visual C 2005. Requirements: · Microsoft Toolkit 2003 and Visual C++ 2005
May 9th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Visual Starters
This software helps you to understand and make simple applications with Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition. We slowly make applications and videos for you to understand the simple uses of Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition.
May 15th 2013 Free     
Neural Network add-in for PSORT
This add-in to the PSO Research toolbox (Evers 2009) aims to allow an artificial neural network (ANN or simply NN) to be trained using the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique (Kennedy, Eberhart et al. 2001).This add-in acts like a bridge ...
February 4th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 358k
TinyOAL is a minimalist, easy to use audio engine built on top of OpenAL Soft. It is written in C++, and supports managed languages with a wrapper. Supports volume, pitch, panning, seamless looping, loop-points, multiple playback, and in-memory loading.
February 19th 2013 Free    7,096k
TurboPower SysTools
It includes 1-D & 2-D bar codes, sorting, logging, high-precision math, a run-time math expression analyzer, money routines, etc.

It was written in Delphi and Kylix.

This is a "pre-release" of SysTools version 4.04.
It contains only the Delphi packages ...
May 22nd 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
This is a editer for CodeSnippet of Visual studio 2005.
May 5th 2013 Free     
minimum-redundan cy maximum-relevanc e feature selection
Two source code files of the mRMR (minimum-redundancy maximum-relevancy) feature selection method in (Peng et al, 2005 and Ding & Peng, 2005, 2003), whose better performance over the conventional top-ranking method has been demonstrated on a number of data sets ...
January 9th 2013 Shareware    10k
Audio Mixer for Music and Sound
Audio Mixer is a multi-file audio player. It features a simple and useful play list, a lengthy time recorder, and an audio-level monitor and tester.It supports MP3 and WAV so it can act as a converter from MP3 to WAV ...
March 1st 2013 Free  2.5 stars 3,420k
Example: Making and debugging mex with Visual Studio 2005 and Matlab 2007b
I saw that there was no simple example on who to use MS Visual Studio 2005 to make and debug Matlab mex files.The solution added has a readme.txt that specifies filepaths that must be changed to make it work on ...
May 5th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 1,434k
mRMR Feature Selection (using mutual information computation)
This package is the mRMR (minimum-redundancy maximum-relevancy) feature selection method in (Peng et al, 2005 and Ding & Peng, 2005, 2003), whose better performance over the conventional top-ranking method has been demonstrated on a number of data sets in recent ...
March 22nd 2013 Free    532k
Firebird DDEX Provider VisualStudio 2005 Installer/Uninstaller
May 10th 2013 Free  2.5 stars  
HTMLPad 2005 Pro
Quick and powerful HTML, XHTML, CSS and web script editor. You can instantly create and edit HTML, XHTML, CSS and scripts, validate, reuse, navigate and format your code. Convenient interface and tools let you increase productivity and save time.
December 12th 2005 Commercial     
myLittleBackup for SQL Server 2000
myLittleBackup for SQL Server 2000 and 2005 is the first Backup/Restore solution specially designed for shared SQL Server hosting.

With myLittleBackup, shared SQL Server hosting companies will be able to give their customers an easy and secure solution to backup/restore ...
February 26th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Script SQL Database DDL
A tool which scripts out SQL Server 2000/2005 database objects to individual files in a manner which mimics Microsoft's Visual Studio for Database Professionals [aka, "Data Dude"]. These files can then be placed under proper source management control.
June 30th 2013 Free    42k
ArticleLive 2005
Build, manage and customize your own news / article site from scratch with no technical experience.
December 16th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
sol-fa to sound
The functions convert sol-fa notation in plain text to a matrix or to a MIDI sequence that represents the sound, or read the note data from a MIDI sequence and convert it to sol-fa notation.The GUI is an attempt at ...
December 21st 2012 Shareware    860k
Productivity tool for C# coders
This is a Visual Studio 2005 macro project which is intended to automate typical coding routines in C#.
July 5th 2013 Free    56k
East-Tec FormatSecure 2005
If you think that merely formatting a drive is enough to actually delete data, you may be in for a big surprise. There are plenty of free tools that can be used by anyone and that can unformat the drive ...
November 26th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Dropthings is an Ajax Web Portal built on Linq, Workflow Foundation and ASP.NET AJAX. Code is in Visual Studio 2008 using .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5.How to run the project - Install Visual Studio 2008 (VS 2005 won't work) - ...
February 27th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
WOGL Sharp
A C# Open GL Wrapper written by Wiktor. Utilitizes an enumerated approach allowing for rapid development and Intellisense support in VS.Net 2005
April 29th 2013 Free    104k
speech processing tool
Speech analysis and parameter extractionShort-term analysis, frames and windowsTime-domain analysis: energy, zero-crossings, statistic parameters, autocorrelationFrequency-domain analysis: spectra and spectrogramsCepstral analysisLinear prediction analysisPitch and formant estimationto run the application please tape menu
January 25th 2013 Free    2,222k
Jadam is an effort to code a Java Virtual Machine using the Ada 2005 language.
June 7th 2013 Free     
Related Code
Frequency Analyzer 2.0
This is a program that splits sound taken from the microphone, a .wav file into its basic frequencies and displays them real-time in a window. You can whistle to the microphone and see the plot going up and down with ...
June 18th 2006     74k
VB.NET Class Generator v2.0
This tool will read all the tables from a MSSQL or MSDE (supports MSSQL 2005 and VS.NET 2005) database and create the Class files (more than a Data Access Layer Class) accordingly. It will create all the necessary info that ...
November 15th 2006     66k
Tell a Friend Script v1.0
This is an ASP Script simply to be used on your pages to allow users to email an article or page they've seen on your site. This Script also use JavaScript to validate the form
February 20th 2006     4k
JavaScript Vertical Image Slider
JavaScript-producing design tool for creating scrolling images on web pages. The script can be customized highly and easily through the SCP(Script Configuration Program). You can specify size, image, color, link and much more to script. It is unnecessary to write ...
September 30th 2007     675k
JavaScript Horizontal Image Slider Ex
JavaScript-producing design tool for creating horizontally scrolling images on Web pages. The script can be customized highly and easily through the SCP(Script Configuration Program). You can specify size, image, color, link and much more to script. It is unnecessary to ...
October 24th 2007     708k
Related Software
uCertify - Network+2005 Practice Test for Exam N10-003 - 345+ Questions
Pass Network+2005 N10-003 in first attempt. 345 Questions with detailed explanation. N10-003 Study notes, Articles and Mock Test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on Latest CompTIA Network+2005 Certification Exam pattern Exam Simulation and Study Guide. Download N10-003 ...
May 3rd 2006   5 stars 8,436k
SQLServerPrint 2005
Document your Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database by printing its objects (tables, views, Stored Procedures, etc.) in your own custom style. The printed output can be exported to HTML, PDF and RTF format to enable it to be incorporated into ...
June 17th 2006   5 stars 4,897k
Live Support ASP Chat Script
Download Live Web Chat support script demo which provides an easy and fast connection between customer and support executives for chat, messaging and online meeting to solve the problem of client, to provide the knowledge about products. It is complete ...
October 7th 2006     1,219k
Script Merger
Script Merger is a small tool which helps DVD author to work with the Sonic Scenarist base. It is intended for automatic merging of single projects of Sonic Scenarist into one.
Term "project" means the text file of script *.SCP, ...
December 4th 2006     1,038k
Audio Pitch Directshow Filter
Audio Pitch Filter is a powerful transform filter that allows change the audio pitch or audio tempo when playback video or audio file in any Directshow base application (Delphi, .Net, vb, vc++). .
Support change the audio pitch or audio ...
March 22nd 2009   5 stars 976k
SQL Script Builder
SQL Script Builder is software that create a database sql script (or dump file) from any ODBC data source. The script produced will migrate the database (multiple tables selection) or create only one table and the records. Scripts are available ...
December 12th 2007     673k
Tukanas Freelance script
It's time to create your own global talent search marketplace. Tukanas Freelance script facilitates this with the service buyers being able to post their buying requirements and the service providers being able to place their best bids in order to ...
October 9th 2007     553k
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