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Net::DNS is a pure-Ruby DNS library, implementing a resolver and, in the future, a name server. It supports many RR types, and more will be added. It has a nice OO interface, a clean extendible code and a lot of ...
February 21st 2012 Free     
VegaDNS is a tiny dns administration tool written in PHP to allow easy administration of DNS records through a web browser.
January 25th 2012 Free     
A new DNS library written specifically for Ruby. An evolutionary step up from perl's Net::DNS, this project is based upon dnsjava, and provides a proper OO modelling of DNS.
March 23rd 2012 Free     
Domain Name Relay Daemon is a caching, forwarding DNS proxy server.It is most useful on vpn or dialup firewalls but it is also a nice DNS cache for minor networks and workstations. Features: - Caching of DNS requests. - Support for ...
January 7th 2012 Free     
BlackBytes Dns for .NET
The Domain Name System, or DNS, is the distributed host information database that's responsible for translating names into addresses, routing mail to its proper destination, and many other services. The DNS is figured as a global network of servers where ...
December 5th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
DNS Status checker
This DNS Status checker is a script to check the status of a domain name (free, registered or quarantine). It currently supports extentions: be, nl, com, org, net, biz, info, fr, nu, tv, *.uk, cc, bz, ws, name, us, *.be. ...
April 24th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
myWebDNS is a MySQL/PHP-Web based package to manage a DNS server configured with Bind 9. It permits to operate as administrator to create and manage the DNS, and as a user to create and manage the domains. The package as ...
May 19th 2012 Free     
A direct port of the perl Net::DNS project, allowing perl client code easily to be ported to Ruby. This project started with a straight port of perl Net::DNS 0.57. Maintainers are needed to keep the project in synch with later ...
March 18th 2012 Free     
Mini Fake DNS server
This scrip allows you to run a minimal python dns server, it only replies with a selected ip in an A record.
April 3rd 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
DNS Wildcard
The DNS Wildcard is a PHP based script with which you can change the look and feel of your webpage according to your choice based on the URL. You can work with this script easily by simply following some simple ...
December 5th 2005 Free     
Auto Control Pro For The Raq Server
Setup your hosting sites on RAQ automatically from user input. Have your new hosting account up and running quickly. Features include Add the site user, Add the domain, Set up the DNS, Email you if you don't do your own ...
December 12th 2005 Commercial     
Blahz-DNS is a PHP/MySQL based DNS (BIND 9,tinydns) administration with support for primary and secondary zones, user authentication, User and Admin account types, and restricted access for user accounts to certain primary and secondary zones.
January 19th 2012 Free     
DNS Resolver
This script lets you programmatically perform DNS record lookups. It can be used in ASP.NET Web pages, Windows forms, and Web services.
December 9th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Quick implementation of DIP (Dynamic IP)
This script allows you to run a command line prototype to update a Dynamic DNS Service that accepts the GnuDIP protocol. It also shows how suited is the Twisted framework to develop networked applications.
February 4th 2012 Free     
Updatedd is a Dynamic DNS client with plugins for several dynamic dns services. It supports web-based ip-address-detection and ip-address-caching. Updatedd is written in ANSI-C. It is distributed with some wrapper scripts written in perl.
January 27th 2012 Free     
php2Static is a php based script and it requires Mysql database. It replaces any META Keywords and description information with your specified entries. This script has security features. Installation is easy. It creates only database entry when we add a ...
November 21st 2005 Free     
Quick implementation of DIP (Dynamic IP) protocol
This script allows you to run a command line prototype to update a Dynamic DNS Service that accepts the GnuDIP protocol. It also shows how suited is the Twisted framework to develop networked applications.
January 18th 2012 Free     
Simple DNS Traceroute
Simple DNS Traceroute is an object for simple IP adress and host name resolution, ASP and VB TraceRoute/ping.Simple DNS Traceroute classes - DNS - Object for resolving IP adress and host name. - Trace - Provides TraceRoute
January 4th 2012 Free     
Smbind is a PHP-based tool for managing DNS zones for BIND via the web. It supports per-user administration of zones, error checking, and a PEAR DB database backend.
February 21st 2012 Free     
Multi Submit
This is perhaps quite a niche module, it's a node cloning helper - hopefully someone will find it useful... It allows an admin to select; * A CCK field which has more than one "Number of values" set for use ...
March 12th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 10k
PowerDNS Administration
PowerDNS Administration application is a DNS mysql/gpgsql backend administration tool written in PHP. You can easily manage DNS using this application.
March 11th 2012 Free     
DNS Lookup
DNS Lookup is Windows compatible. Easy look up on any ip-address. Easy reverse look up on any DNS. Only a few lines of code. Very easy to implement.
December 3rd 2005 Free  5 stars  
The uploaded image is checked for a predefined size. With noticeboard, when an entry is posted , an email is sent to the webmaster who can delete it if inappropriate.Features of noticeboard:- Preview function before posting an entry.- Can post ...
December 26th 2012 Free  2.5 stars 20k
MyDNS is a free DNS server for UNIX. It was implemented from scratch and is designed to serve records directly from an SQL database (currently either MySQL or PostgreSQL).
Its primary objectives are stability, security, interoperability, and speed, though not ...
April 5th 2012 Free     
PPLOG is a very simple blog made in PERL. Currently the version is 0.1 BETA, It does not require Mysql, it uses flatfiles!PPLOG FUNCTIONS - Add Entry (Allow BBCODE) - List all entries (PAGINATED!) - List categories on the menu ...
April 17th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry
WHAT DOES IT DO?1. Add new customersYou can add a customer through admin, just fill in the form and hit confirm. A new customer account will be created with a random password, and a welcome email with the password will ...
May 12th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Powerfull DNS Server (fully customizable and *scriptable*) and pure Java DNS Protocol implementation
May 3rd 2013 Free    811k
Tellme is a networking tool that helps you in locating the IP address of a net host easily and quickly. It combines together the traceroute tools, head requests, server examination and whois lookups. The actions are broken up into individual ...
December 7th 2005 Free     
Dixie is a Web interface written in php for ISC bind and ISC dhcp configuration and administration. It keeps it's own database containing general dns and dhcp information and information about subnets, hosts etc. Configures DNS, DHCP, firewalls, RADIUS servers..
April 3rd 2012 Free     
Simple DNS &Traceroute
This is an ASP based network component which is used to send for DNS lookups and for traceroute. DNS lookup is used to lookup hostname using IP address and to lookup IP address using host name. Traceroute is used to ...
December 17th 2005 Free     
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Do you have pages that you want to keep visitors off such as login and security pages? Do you want to know as soon as a visitor lands in a particular page because you're just curious? Well, PerlSpy is a ...
September 5th 2007     11k
Ajax DOB
Simple, Short and Powerful Drop-down Calender script to get date of birth (DOB) from the users. No Javascript calender but simple PHP calender. The script makes use of Ajax to invoke no. of days in chosen year and month. It ...
February 18th 2015     60k
Add records to a custom Record Set by Read a Text file (fix length fields)
The purpose of this code is to read a text file and put it into a record set. The code does not depend on DNS and programmer has full control of record set properties.
April 29th 2006     6k
ASP & MS Access Database
Hi This is the complete ASP Script in zip file which is deleting, Updating, searching, add new record in the database and also using the form validation Script in JavaScrip with some new method OS requirements: the IIS should be ...
February 27th 2006     933k
Mailing List
Subsribe/Unsubscribe email address management system. Users use form to add themselves to your database (or remove), you use the email form to send your entire list an email simutaneusly. Mailing script is password protected so your script cannot be used ...
October 27th 2008     2k
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Sql-Batch Suite
One of the most popular features in reporting tools is exporting the results to excel for further analyses. As Excel is the daily tool of anyone dealing with numbers, the need to use additional external reporting tool just for getting ...
April 29th 2006   5 stars 12,652k
OO Script Frameworks
About OO Script FrameworksPHP.framework:PHP Framework is composed of a Core Bundle containing its additional dependencies. PHP is a modular application allowing the addition (or not) of some extensions. PHP Framework is linked to the core System and to its Frameworks ...
March 31st 2013      
1st Javascript Library
1st Javascript Library(Coocool) is a shareware program that allows web developers the ability to add advanced java script and DHTML code to their web pages easily. Coocool also allows web developers to add java applets to their web pages freely.
July 26th 2003     2,431k
Coocool Stupid Web Tricks Tool
Coocool is a shareware program that allows web developers the ability to easily add advanced java script and DHTML code to their web pages. Coocool also allows web developers to easily add java applets to their web pages.
Coocool Stupid ...
September 5th 2005     2,324k
Coocool Stupid Web Tricks Tools
Coocool is a shareware program that allows web developers the ability to easily add advanced java script and DHTML code to their web pages. Coocool also allows web developers to easily add java applets to their web pages.
Coocool Stupid ...
September 7th 2005     2,324k
Netgear FM114P Firmware 1.5 R13
NETGEAR has been a worldwide provider of technologically advanced, branded networking products since 1996. Our mission is to be the preferred customer-driven provider of innovative networking solutions for small businesses and homes.

This note describes enhancements and bug fixes incorporated in ...
January 23rd 2011     625k
Ultralingua German-English Translation Dictionary
The Ultralingua German-English / English-German dictionary is a professional grade dictionary for use in education, business, and industry. It includes over 350,000 indexed entries, including thousands of technical and colloquial terms, idiomatic expressions, and more. Useful for reading, writing and ...
November 4th 2012     7,168k
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