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Auto Hide/Show Pop-up
This script opens a pop-up that automatically hides itself behind the main window after a given amount of time that can be set. The pop-up will again show itself after any amount of time that can be set. The novelty ...
May 22nd 2012 Free     
Auto Save
This extension adds a new panel to the Flash MX 2004 Authoring Tools, that enables you to specify an interval for automatically saving the document you are presently working on. Intervals can be set in minutes or hours.The Auto Save ...
March 16th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Auto Centered Content
This is an Auto Centered Content.When resized the window,the content slides to center with a nice ease.You can see the corners :) .
Because is a full screen flash file,resize the window to see the effect.

Package includes: FLA,html
Opens with: Flash 8, ...
August 25th 2008 Commercial  2.5 stars 4k
Auto centering DHTML pop up window Javas
This auto centering window Javascript will open a window (DHTML) and keep that pop up window centered on the visitors page. If the visitor scrolls up or down looking through the page content the window will stay centered. Once closed ...
January 26th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Auto Hide Popup
This script opens a pop-up window which automatically hides itself behind the main window after a given amount of time that can be set. This one line script prevents the pop-up from being too much of a nuisance and yet ...
March 24th 2012 Free     
Javascript Pop-up Button Code Generator for Flash
This tutorial describes a method of using JavaScript within your Flash movie without using any external JavaScript in the html your movie is embedded in. There is also a Javascript code generator done in Flash with this Tutorial, which can ...
November 25th 2005 Free  3.5 stars  
Timed Pop Up
This script opens a pop-up window exactly at any given time (set in Hours, Minutes and whether AM/PM) the users set. Visitors coming to view the page at any other hour would not get to see the pop-up.
May 26th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Delayed Pop-Up
This script opens a pop-up window after a set amount of time that can be altered by the users to suit their needs. This pop-up would prove useful in attracting the attention of the visitors as it would pop-up when ...
May 3rd 2012 Free     
Onunload Pop-Up
This script opens a pop-up window only after the main browser window is closed. This prevents the pop-up from being a nuisance while at the same time making sure that your viewers do not miss any important announcements or advertisements ...
April 26th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Happy Pop-out Menus
These are pop-out java menu applets available in numerous themes and suitable for a sidebar navigation layout with the menu positioned at the side of your page. The menus have pop-up submenus, which can pop up over anything on your ...
November 25th 2005 Commercial     
Pop-Up Closer Link
This is not strictly a pop-up script but it adds a link within a pop-up that when clicked closes the pop-up.
February 15th 2012 Free     
No Block Pop-Up Ad Generator
Create pop-up ads instantly using this tool. The small pop-up ad generated cannot be blocked by pop-up blockers, so your advertisements get through, without annoying your visitors.
December 10th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Cookie Enabled Pop-Up
With this script the pop-ups will only open once per day or as desired by the users. This script will prevent the pop-ups from popping up every time your viewers move to the particular page that contains the script that ...
January 26th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Pop-Up Ads
Pop-Up Ads javascript creates pop-up ads instantly using this tool. The small pop-up ad generated cannot be blocked by pop-up blockers, so your advertisements get through, without annoying your visitors.
April 18th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Hidden Pop-up
This script opens up a pop-up that hides behind the main browser window. This script is useful as lately a lot of viewers are complaining about pop-ups that are becoming increasingly common and are considered as a nuisance. In this ...
March 27th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Scrolling Pop-up I
This script allows your visitors to open a pop-up window that automatically scrolls down from the top of the page to the bottom. It can be used to jump from one photo or image to another till you reach the ...
April 4th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Create Pop-Up with Elements
Functions to: 1) Open a pop-up window. (newWindow) 2) Create an element. (newElement) In this example they are used together to create a pop-up window wherein we can modify it through the main window. We can call functions back on ...
January 14th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Pop Quiz
Pop Quiz is free software that may be used on Linux or Microsoft Windows operating systems. The application helps students of any type study for tests, and allows professionals to study for certifications. Teachers will gain the ability to create ...
February 7th 2012 Free     
One Time Pop Up
One Time Pop Up allows you to have a window pop up only on the first visit to a page.
March 19th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Javascript Smart Popups That Don't Pop Off Screen
From this ASP tutorial, you will know how to add pop-ups on website without using form fields to define the pop-up height and width. Provides the solutions to display pop-ups in a way without popping off the edge of the ...
December 14th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Nice Dynamic News Ticker
Unlimited amount of News, associated by title and image, HTML format, XML driven, easy to customize. Nice transitions, the speed, auto play, tween type is support.

Package Includes: FLA
Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3
Viewable with: Flash Player 8 and above
AS ...
April 25th 2009 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Free PHP pop up Generator Script
Pop up Generator will allow you to create your own pop up window within minutes. It is a simple software program, which literally does all the work for you. Just make your selection, click a few buttons, and it will ...
April 11th 2011 Free  2.5 stars 10k
Pop-up Links Menu
This script creates a menu that opens in any desired place near or around a link. The popup links will automatically disappear after 5 seconds or if the link is clicked again when the pop-up menu is open. This time ...
January 22nd 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Moving Pop-Up
This script opens a customized pop-up window that will move across the screen from top to bottom or left to right or diagonally across as instructed in the script. The movement as well as the time elapsed can be controlled ...
March 8th 2012 Free     
Pop-under window w/ random URLs
This Pop-under window script randomly selects from a pool of URLs to load in the pop under window. Comes with frequency control using cookies. Specify whether window should pop under once per browser session or not.
December 9th 2005 Free     
Auto Bookmark Homepage Script
Auto Bookmark Homepage Script multi-platform compatible. This is one of the hardest scripts to find on the Internet. ABHS (Auto Homepage and Bookmark Script) will automatically add your bookmarks to a visitors Favorites and automatically change the homepage of a ...
December 4th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
auto-test framework
The auto-test framework is focusing on software backend feature testing, which is designed with flexible architecture, cross-platform and extensible reports. This framework has been used for testing various SMTP/POP/HTTP gateway products.
April 25th 2013 Free     
Moving DHTML pop up window Javascript
Animated pop up scripts are very popular with site owners. They offer you the option of displaying ads or alerts to your visitors and can be quite useful. This Javascript will launch an animated pop up window. This DHTML window ...
February 19th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Smooth Fullscreen Bar Preloader
Automatically shrinks and disappears when movie is loaded.
Simple Drag and Drop in First frame of MovieClip and content in Second Frame.
Auto Center to Stage.
Easy To change Colors using Flash IDE .
Easily Customizable even for Beginners.
Step By Step Instructions included.
Well commented ...
December 3rd 2008 Commercial  2.5 stars 100k
Flash4D Flash Intro Builder
Flash4D is a web design software that helps you create Flash intros and presentations. You also can create screen savers, movies, and pop-ups with this edition.
November 22nd 2005 Commercial     
Related Code
A project that integrates flash and php in this example a login in page the user can customise the flash movie by a settings file allowing them to change the text displayed and the url(s) to be directed to on ...
April 4th 2012     62k
Auto Generate Form Code
This code automatically generates form code. This is a very simple example illustrating concept only. Browse to the form with textboxes on it and click on the convert button. Add the auto generated coded form to the project(remember to save) ...
September 18th 2006     4k
Auto Complete combo Box
Have you ever wanted an auto complete on your combo box well here it is. I have posted this before but it was my first time and the formating was all messed up. So now it's in a working project.
March 6th 2007     16k
A Simple C++ Stack
These program implements a stack and use a static array to store the data,there is a lot of methods for manipulating the data: "push", "pop", "size"
February 27th 2007     2k
PHP/SWF Comunication
Learn how to get bidirectional comunication between flash movies and php
October 14th 2009     73k
Related Software
Pop up Blocker
Pop Up Blocker has four types of pop-up blocking: 100 percent pop-up blocking, a block list, a block list with keywords, and a limit on the number of open windows. Pop up Blocker also blocks Flash Ads, Background sounds, Inline ...
December 10th 2005     690k
Pop-Up Stopper Pro
Stop Internet Explorer pop-up windows with this handy browser toolbar for Internet Explorer. Pop-Up Stopper Pro provides pop-up and pop-under blocking technology in an easy to use Internet Explorer toolbar that is only active when your browser is open! Panicware ...
March 24th 2002   5 stars 300k
All Pop Up Killer
All Pop Up Killer is an award-winning PopUp Killer. It will enables you to close those annoying pop-up windows and enhance your Web surfing experience! There is no need to configure the program and you won't need to learn how ...
January 10th 2003   4.5 stars 718k
Pop Up Stopper and Ad Killer for Kazaa
Pop Up Stopper and Ad Killer is designed to automatically detect and stop the pop up windows that are opened by popular file sharing programs such as Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, Morpheus, Grokster, iMesh and Direct Connect. Pop Up Stopper and ...
February 19th 2003   3 stars 1k
Pop-Up Menu Creator
Pop-Up menu creator is a program that allows you to create easy and fast impressive DHTML menus for your webpages. You can create menus from the build-in program templates and use some of the ready color styles.
February 25th 2008     14,228k
WMV/WMA/ASF Pop Up Ad Maker
Add pop up advertisement into your media files: wmv,wma,asf. Users must watch and click your advertisement before playing media files. You can control and change your ads on your ads server at any time. Support player; mediaplay,realplay,realone,and other popular player.
October 22nd 2008     6,135k
Media Pop Up Ad Maker
Add pop up advertisement into your media files: wmv,wma,asf. Users must watch and click your advertisement before playing media files. You can control and change your ads on your ads server at any time. Support player; mediaplay,realplay,realone,and other popular player.Requirements: ...
April 15th 2013     7,045k
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