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Complete Free School System Php

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School Data Navigator
School Data Navigator allows schools a password protected web portal for loading school assessment data (state, performance, norm reference assessment data) and creating No Child Left Behind (NCLB) oriented reports. Requires Apache, PHP, MySQL.
April 3rd 2012 Free     
SchoolScript is the New and revolutionary web based school management system. You don't need to be a webmaster in order to launch a perfect website for your school. When you buy this you get all the modules like Front-end portal, ...
December 10th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Pre School Management System
Pre E-Learning Portal is perfect educational portal system. With complete Organizations, Teachers and Student modules. Where organization can launch programs and courses according for their online institutions and is perfect tool for distance learning. Can easily generate exams, assignments, Syllabus, ...
December 15th 2007 Commercial  2.5 stars 5k
School Reporting Tools
School Reporting Toolslong is a suite of PHP/MySQL tools for schools. It provides: - A tool for producing and managing student reports. - A tool for managing an office supplies room. - Tools for managing a small library or a ...
April 4th 2012 Free     
School Social Network
School Social Network is an online databse for students enrolled in a school. The general purpose of this project is to provide a central database for students and school administration members.
August 8th 2013 Free  4 stars  
Complete PHP Classmates Website
Complete Professional Website with Hosting! | | The classmates search website allows visitors to search and post profiles. The profiles are detailed with descriptions, photos, school name, occupations and contact forms. | | Classmates can list for free and also ...
December 17th 2005 Commercial     
MyPHPSchool, intends to provide, modular and easy to modify content managment system specialized for K-12 Schools written in PHP, and using a MySQL database. Other Features include a Calendar, a Web Based Gradebook, and Remote File Acess for users.
February 1st 2012 Free     
RosarioSIS is a free & open source Student Information System designed for school management.

Its modules will let you manage Schools, Teachers & Students as well as their Schedules, Attendance, Grades, Discipline & Billing.

Generate PDF Report Cards, Timetables; consult Reports & ...
November 29th 2015 Free  3.5 stars 3,072k
Markus is a web-based grades, reports, and transcripts program for schools. It is designed to be flexible and easy to use. Installation will take a little effort. Markus is written in PHP, using the Kohana framework, to run on a ...
April 1st 2012 Free     
PHP Free/Pro Safelist
This script allows you to run a complete and professional Safelist system... Supports free memberships as well as paid (pro) memberships, with instant upgrading capabilities and numerous features that no other safelist system uses! Making full use of PHP and ...
December 7th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Freeschool - open source for schools
FreeSchool is an open source software for schools: through a web interface it allows to manage circulars, communications, forms, school timetables, scheduled activities, school library, teacher resources.It is complete users/groups authorization management.
January 26th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 9,472k
School Project, multiple programmers in training who are making a school project. This contains multiple projects which our classmates can acces.School: ICA, Hogeschool Arnhem & NijmegenCountry: NetherlandsProgramming Language: Java mainly
June 2nd 2013 Free     
raXnet Web Services
Web based applications written in PHP/SQL. Some include; Authentication scripts, a complete and extensive rrdtool frontend, HTTP/PHP upload management code, and a dynamic school district website that is currently in use.
June 27th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 36k
school fees
Produces the work done by cashier. Enter valid inputs only.
May 21st 2012 Free     
Free complete Wikki system in PHP/MySQL.
June 9th 2013 Free     
School Board
School Board script allows you to create a discussion board for schools.Features:- Simple installation procedure- Add/Edit/Remove Readings for classes Unlimited Attachment- Add/Edit/Remove Assignments for classes Unlimited Attachment- Announcements section, first thing seen- Links page for class related links- Complete Administrator ...
January 15th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 31k
Free Auction Script
Free auction script is a complete auction script is solution to create your top quality auction website. By downloading this auction script you can launch your own top quality auction web site. Free auction script comes with complete admin panel ...
October 30th 2012 Free    11,719k
ReactOS is an advanced free open source operating system providing a ground-up implementation of a Microsoft Windows XP compatible operating system. ReactOS aims to achieve complete binary compatibility with both applications and device drivers meant for NT and XP operating ...
February 15th 2012 Free  4 stars  
WebSchool aims to be a complete website solution for your school. It includes an advance permission system and a modular design allows you to add your own modules with ease. Comes with pre-built modules for quick functionality.
April 6th 2013 Free    1,100k
Free CMS Solution for Scripts
Free CMS Solution is a free content management application.It provides an easy way to get your information onto the web instantly.100% web-based content management, features include image and file uploading, online web page editor, and more. Manage your website content ...
April 17th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 113k
Site@School for Scripts
Site@School is a Content Management System (CMS) to manage and maintain the website of a primary school. It is Open Source Software, licensed under the General Public license.Site@school main features are:- Manage your schools website without technical knowledge.- Edit the ...
February 19th 2013 Free  5 stars 3,410k
Free CMS Solution
Free CMS Solution is a free content management application.It provides an easy way to get your information onto the web instantly.100% web-based content management, features include image and file uploading, online web page editor, and more. Manage your website content ...
February 6th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 113k
PHP/MySql Safelist
PHP/MySql Safelist is a Unix compatible script that allows you to run a complete and professional Safelist system... Supports free memberships as well as paid (pro) memberships, with instant upgrading capabilities and numerous features that no other safelist system uses! ...
December 14th 2005 Commercial     
VB.Net Online School
An online school deals with teaching various subjects related to VB.NET issues. People can utilize this online school to develop their knowledge on VB.NET. This online community helps readers by providing online lessons every week. There, a facility available for ...
November 27th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Algo language compiler
A free compiler for the algo language used to describe and implement algorithms in EPITA, a French software engineering school. See (FR) for a detailed grammar description.
July 20th 2013 Free     
Labsystem - An eLearning Platform
Labsystem is the web based eLearning tool for practical exercises! The system was developed to support a specific didactical concept for practical exercises at universities. The system is in use for many years now at multiple German universities.Features of Labsystem:- ...
June 4th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 379k
A complete online school management system to manage and display attendance, time tables, schedules, transport, syllabus, announcements, games, forums, chat, complaints, general information, grades, canteen and hostel information, fees, quote of the day, achievements and events.
November 26th 2005 Commercial     
TicTacToe is a funny gaming programme. This web based script has / several gametables to play. This game allows two players only and includes a good game structure. This application is specially meant for school students which is more fun ...
December 4th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Sistem UAT Peperiksaan Sekolah
Peperiksaan system berasaskan PHP + MySQL to use the school for analyzing the data and insert markup online.Used to produce a landmark decision analysis purposes will follow during the exam. -Malay
January 1st 2013 Free    205k
School Days
This scrit is used for creating an online event calendar on the website. This script is helpful for schools to add their events like, school days, childrens day, annual day, christmas, inter school competition etc., in the calendar. This script ...
December 6th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Related Code
Complete StoreFront
This is a complete e-commerce storefront taking advantage of PHP 3.0 thru 4.0 and MySQL. This comes complete with simple formatting and a product search feature. To run, this requires a MySQL database and one table with the fields "Name", ...
August 2nd 2007     3k
Shatners Login System Lite
Shatners Login System is a secure php membership system which uses MD5 encryption. It features user registration, logins, and the securing of webpages. You can use shatners login system to force users to login before they can view a page. ...
July 10th 2007     6k
System disk info
This will get the capacity,free space,used space of your system plus show about color in messagedlgboxs..first program in delphi so be nice
April 17th 2011     4k
A Base64Double System
This PHP coding will decode and encode the password using base64double method. More coding information can be found at
March 1st 2006     1k
This is a sucurity extenstion for PHP written C, this extension only works when using php as an Apache module when using Unix/Linux. Please note that you must download different version for PHP 4.0.x and PHP 4.1.x so I recomend ...
July 26th 2008     50k
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Free Internet/System History Cleaning Studio
Free Internet/System History Cleaning Studio was customized for you to clean system and erase the IE cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, auto complete history, and Window's temporary folder, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents, etc. With it, no ...
June 24th 2007   5 stars 3,427k
Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser
Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser eliminates the traces left behind on your computer. It erases data by using government-level removal techniques and completely "cleans" your computer of any Internet/Windows habits you want to guarantee won't get discovered. It is the best ...
September 17th 2007     3,185k
Linux Mint Gloria KDE
Linux Mint's purpose is to produce an elegant, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution.

Is Linux Mint suitable for companies?

Yes. Linux Mint offers paid commercial support to companies and individuals. Free community support is also available from the forums ...
September 12th 2011     1,135,247k
CATS Complete Anti Trojan System
CATS Complete Anti Trojan System is fully integrated and includes an Internet Connection Firewall, which secures both incoming and outgoing data. CATS has built in Execution Protection to prevent executable files, vb scripts and other potentially harmful files from being ...
October 26th 2011     2k
StudyMinder Lite
The free StudyMinder Lite Homework System for Windows XP helps students of all ages, from middle school and high school to college level, track their grades, prioritize assignments and better manage their study time. StudyMinder shows the total time needed ...
February 6th 2006     2,725k
PHP MicroCMS - PHP Web Content Management System Script
Welcome to PHP MicroCMS PHP MicroCMS (PHP MCMS) is a simple, but very powerful Content Management System that everyone can use. The PHP MCMS can be installed easily by web developers, webmasters, graphic designers, etc. PHP MCMS was developed in ...
February 16th 2013     86k
School Time table creator software
Features : Simple Data Entry It is quick and easy to enter all subjects (Physics, Maths), classes/forms ( 1A, 1B, 2A..), Rooms ( Science Lab, Music room), teachers and their contracts. The application also enables creating all specific divisions of ...
April 23rd 2013     8,059k
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