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Kutools for Excel
Kutools for Excel includes more than 120 powerful functions and tools for Microsoft Excel. It frees you from time-consuming operations. Part of features are as follows. 1. Snap: Save Snapshots of Current Workbook, Restore Snapshot. 2. View: Navigation Pane (just ...
March 11th 2013     6,666k
Picture Manager For Excel
Picture Manager for Excel is intuitive and user friendly add-in for Microsoft Excel, designed primarily for business users to assist in easily inserting multiple images (automatically sized to fit cells) into single or multiple Excel spreadsheets at once. Additional advantageous ...
September 23rd 2013     933k
(yX) for Excel
<br />A knowledge mining tool that works with data stored in Microsoft Excel for building predictive and descriptive models from this data autonomously and easily. It supports both major releases of Microsoft Excel, 2004 and 2008. <br /><br />The modeling ...
November 16th 2013     12,288k
Spreadsheets Pro for Excel
Track investments. Compare loans. Review sales. Spreadsheets Pro for Excel helps you plan, organize, and keep on top of your business, home and personal life with these great-looking templates. <br /><br />SPREADSHEETS READY TO GO * <br />You'll find everything ...
November 13th 2013      
Outlook 2011 for Mac in PST File
Most of the Macintosh users desire to change their operating system and wants to replace Windows in place of Mac. If also need to convert Outlook 2011 for Mac as Outlook 2003, then try and exchange Outlook 2011for Mac in ...
April 6th 2013     2,939k
Templates for Excel Pro
Templates for Excel Pro takes your spreadsheets to the next level with more than 115 powerful and efficient spreadsheet templates for Excel on your Mac. With a great variety of templates and an emphasize on design and functionality Templates for ...
September 26th 2013      
Convert XLS to PDF For Excel
Instantly Convert Microsoft? Excel Document into PDF Files
Convert Xls to PDF For Excel is the fast, affordable way to style="color:#000">create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to style="color:#000">create PDF files by simply ...
November 29th 2006   5 stars 3,014k
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