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Social Network Script
Social Network Script of NCrypted websites helps you to create your own social network portal which offers custom made features and advanced functionalities. People can effectively use it for personal and professional use.
March 8th 2015 Commercial  3.5 stars 25,596k
MyOwnSpace is a clone of social networking software similar to Myspace. MyOwnSpace is an underground community that lets you meet YourOwnFriends 's friends. It is 100% homemade piece of software built on php/GPL.
April 11th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
PHP-Spacester is a social networking script such as Myspace and friendster. It is a fork of astrospaces. It will feature the XDNS system (Xotmid Distributed Network System) which is a leaf-hub connection.
May 11th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Social Media Script
Social Media Script is an extensive and powerful PHP script manufacture by NCrypted. It contains simple coding formation, so by modifying as per your needs you can able to develop your unique social media platform.
March 28th 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
Ez LinkedIn Clone
Linkedin Clone is a professional networking product. It helps you launch your own portal with similar features as in the original website.
April 4th 2013 Commercial    100k
Kootali - Social Networking Script
Kootali is a customized and fully featured social networking script, similar to large sites like facebook, that lets you create a standalone social community site for allowing users to communicate and connect. It could be romantic, personal, professional or anything ...
February 13th 2010 Beta  2.5 stars 100k
iScripts SocialWare - Social Networking Portal Script
Use iScripts Socialware, customizable social networking engine script to create your own online community portal in minutes. This feature packed open source script allows you to create social networking sites as a standalone application or addition to existing website. Easy ...
November 1st 2007 Commercial  3 stars 19,531k
Friendster Clone
Friendster Clone is the most comprehensive and versatile clone of Friendster. Try this script and present yourself a robust digital platform.
May 29th 2013 Commercial  2.5 stars 100k
Twitter Clone
By using advanced Twitter Clone Script of NCrypted Websites you can construct your own social media platform. Twitter Clone Script of NCrypted contains tailor made features and specialized functionalities so it helps to build tough social media portal.
January 6th 2015 Beta  2.5 stars 25,596k
Digg Clone Script from NCrypted
Digg Clone from NCrypted is one of the most popular Social Bookmarking Site Clones which have nearly all features to start your own Digg Clone on the web.

Digg Clone is a Social Bookmarking site clone which is useful to generate ...
August 4th 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars  
MarkIt Social Bookmarking Software
Kootali is a customized and fully featured social networking script, similar to large sites like facebook, that lets you create a standalone social community site for allowing users to communicate and connect. It could be romantic, personal, professional or anything ...
February 25th 2010 Commercial  2.5 stars 100k
Exact Facebook Clone 3.8.61
The most popular Facebook clone available. Exact Facebook v3.8 is the best available facebook clone script in the market. It enables you to operate your own social networking site. File Sharing interface, Internal blogging system, Friends forming interface & more.

Main ...
June 28th 2012 Commercial  2.5 stars 8k
LinkedIn Clone
Most of the people are using Social Network Website to get connect with each other. There are so many Social Network websites on the web but with different prospects like Facebook is mostly used to get connect with friends to ...
March 31st 2015 Commercial  3.5 stars 25,596k
Delicious Clone
Social Bookmarking site clone is one of the most In-Demand website clones in the market. Delicious Clone is a very popular website clone. NCrypted offers very user friendly and attractive with all extended features like original website. Easy Content Management ...
December 4th 2013 Commercial  2.5 stars 10,240k
Netlog Clone
Netlog Clone helps you to develop strong social network portal where people can meet their local people and able to talk with their local languages. Get tailor made Netlog Clone or advanced Netlog Clone Script from NCrypted to build your ...
January 1st 2015 Beta  2.5 stars 25,596k
Badoo Clone
Badoo is the famous social network where people can meet new global people and make friends, share interest, chatting and dating. Looking for online business then customize your own Badoo Clone with the help of NCrypted advanced Badoo Clone Script.
January 1st 2015 Beta  2.5 stars 25,596k
Myspace Clone
Myspace is the most popular social network platform for music lovers because it offers many features to share music. Run your own social network platform with customized Myspace Clone or advanced Myspace Clone Script of NCrypted.
October 16th 2014 Beta    25,596k
Facebook Clone
Customized Facebook Clone of NCrypted helps users to develop unique social network platform. Because now on web already many Facebook Clone are available, so to sustain on competitive marketplace you have to offer unique features which love all types of ...
November 1st 2014 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
Social Networking Solution
Presenting Agriya’s premium social networking solution for businesses to deploy an excellent social media platform easily. The futuristic software solution ensures utmost user-friendliness and flawless admin-side operations by including several inventive features. Apart from the strong privacy options, it also ...
July 3rd 2018 Free    42,383k
Orkut Clone
By using Orkut Clone Script of NCrypted Websites you can produce your own social network platform which through you can generate lifetime profitable online business.
December 20th 2014 Beta  2.5 stars 25,596k
Elite Sports Line - The Social Networking CMS
Elite Sports Line is a powerful script written the PHP scripting language designed for sites of all sizes and types. Very easy to use and integrate into existing website. You'll need less than 3 minutes to get it working on ...
April 1st 2010 Commercial  2.5 stars 8k
TwitPic Clone
TwitPic Clone Script of NCrypted is the best choice to produce powerful photo and video sharing portal. It includes superior features and specialized functionalities to attract more users on your TwitPic Clone.
January 11th 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
Pinterest Clone is the most popular Social Networking website. We can help you launch a similar portal with all the required functionality. Main Features:- Create boards, Pins for sharing your favorite content, Repinning, like, and comment, Organize boards by category, type, ...
March 16th 2013 Commercial  2.5 stars 100k
FlightFeather Social Networking Platform
FlightFeather's goal is "social networking for everyone". This means that anyone should have a chance to run a popular social networking site -- on minimal hardware, and without wasting bandwidth.
August 13th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 40k
PHPFriendster Clone
We have the ONLY exact clone of the popular social networking site. Literally hundreds and hundreds of features. Requires PHP and 1 Mysql database. Comes with an auto-installer.
December 9th 2005 Commercial     
PHP Social Networking Software
A prominent creator of social networking software, we package everything into a powerful PHP social networking software. This software has all the latest scripts and templates for creating a successful social networking site. It even contains state-of-the-art features and functions ...
June 28th 2011 Commercial  3.5 stars 1,172k
Reddit Clone
Reddit Clone from NCrypted is one of the most Social Bookmarking Site Clones which have nearly all features to start your own Reddit Clone on the web.

Reddit Clone by NCrypted has all the features like users can submit content or ...
September 17th 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars  
whatsapp clone
WhatsApp Clone script that lets you develop a messaging app similar to WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Clone Script encircle the features of WhatsApp and do add some brand new features. You can even customize it according to your wish and thoughts. ...
April 6th 2019 Commercial    1k
DeviantART Clone
DeviantART is a platform for artists to successfully display their creativity to the global audience. It is a place where art is put to application not just by showing it but also allowing to generate revenue by selling the art ...
January 29th 2015 Commercial    25,596k
AstroSPACES is the first ever free, open source social networking solution. With it, you can easily create your own MySpace-like website with very little work on your part.It utilizes the Smarty Template Engine, so web designers can easily customize the ...
April 16th 2012 Free     
Related Code
This is my MySpace Clone sample source code using PHP + MySQL. If you like my code just vote for it.. Have a nice day..
August 10th 2009     336k
Personal C Sharp 1.51
Although the main objective of Personal C Sharp has been to enable a person who has no extensive software experience to use the .NET library to create his / her own programs for personal use, it has evoluted to a ...
November 13th 2006     227k
Tell a Friend Script v1.0
This is an ASP Script simply to be used on your pages to allow users to email an article or page they've seen on your site. This Script also use JavaScript to validate the form
February 20th 2006     4k
Maziak is a freeware open-source cross-platform clone of Maziacs. Maziacs is an action adventure maze video game published by dk'tronics in 1983 for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64[2] and MSX. Maziak is programmed in C++ using the IDE Qt Creator ...
November 30th 2011     396k
Bolder dash v 1.0 - Includes level editor
I started working on this Bolder Dash clone about 2 years ago, and it was my first attempt to make a game (and probably my last to.) My original planes was to make this a grate game, with lots of ...
October 30th 2006     245k
Related Software
AlstraSoft - Social Networking Script
E-friends Social Networking Script is the ultimate social network software for starting your own highly profitable social networking site like Myspace. E-friends social networking script software offers a powerful and feature rich solution and most important of all, at an ...
June 18th 2011     1,024k
PG SocialBiz July.2011
Start your business community site with PG SocialBiz - turnkey business social networking software! 3 social networking designs: Corporate, Business and Niche community styles! Multi-administration system, multilingual interface, advanced SEO settings and easy site management! You get a high-impact site ...
January 22nd 2013     190k
Social Bookmark Script
This full featured php social bookmark script let you start a popular bookmarking service. Use it for the general market or for a niche site. The script is very easy to install and to handle. Features: - Search engine friendly ...
April 16th 2013     356k
SkaDate - Social Networking Software
SkaDate - Fully customizable social networking software with stable platform, clean design, solid architecture, overwhelming number of features, delighting design templates, and unheard customer support. This community site software package gets constantly upgraded thus we keep it stable and make ...
April 20th 2013     7,004k
Akeni Social Networking Software
Akeni Social Networking Software, Intranet Portal and Collaboration Software for Business. Integrated instant messaging, forums, blogs, file upload, channel, in/outboard, bookmarking. The main difference between Akeni Space's Chat and a public instant messaging systems such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ...
February 20th 2013     6,246k
PG SocialPrise July.2011
Start your client based or corporate community site with PG SocialPrise software today! 3 designs: Corporate, Business and Niche social networking templates! You can launch a high-impact site for educated professionals, your company employees, your brand or your customers. Save ...
May 1st 2013     191k
Pointter PHP Micro-Blogging Social Network
Pointter PHP Micro-Blogging Social Network Version 2.4 is a PHP-based social network platform that lets you create a social network on your website. Right out of the box, your social network will offer nearly all of the features found on ...
April 28th 2013     949k
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