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Netflix Clone
Netflix Clone Script of NCrypted Websites support you to produce powerful video broadcasting website clone which offers facility to stream videos related to TV episodes, movies through internet.
December 20th 2014 Commercial  3 stars 25,596k
Vimeo Clone
Vimeo Clone Script of NCrypted Websites provides superior features and tailor made functionalities so you can make your own video sharing portal and cover huge part of broad video sharing marketplace.
November 27th 2014 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
Hulu Clone
Customized Hulu Clone of NCrypted websites assists you to create entertainment video streaming portal which through people can stream videos related to movies, TV episodes, favourite TV channel etc…
December 9th 2014 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
TwitPic Clone
TwitPic Clone Script of NCrypted is the best choice to produce powerful photo and video sharing portal. It includes superior features and specialized functionalities to attract more users on your TwitPic Clone.
January 11th 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
AirBNB Clone
BNB Clone from NCrypted is an innovative website clone script which has variety of the features which makes it unique one. Basically BNB Clone or Airbnb Clone Script is one of the perfect solutions for them who are planning to ...
July 23rd 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Video Sharing Script
Video Sharing Script is most demanded script on web because video sharing marketplace expands every day. Launch your own video sharing portal like Vimeo to generate profitable online business.

Key features of video sharing script

Demographics: We provide with the demographics ...
April 8th 2015 Commercial    25,596k
Social Network Script
Social Network Script of NCrypted websites helps you to create your own social network portal which offers custom made features and advanced functionalities. People can effectively use it for personal and professional use.
March 8th 2015 Commercial  3.5 stars 25,596k
Groupon Clone
Buy Groupon clone script from IG Deal to have your website in a very simple and easy way. We offer Groupon clone scirpts in affordable prices. E-Commerce industry was shaken by the arrival of Groupon clone.
June 12th 2012 Commercial  2.5 stars 8k
PeoplePerHour Clone
PeoplePerHour Clone – PeoplePerHour Clone is latest freelance outsourcing platform website clone market. Here people work and get paid on hourly rate. People get chance to be their own boss and work freely as per their convenient time. Get customized ...
June 17th 2014 Commercial    25,596k
Delicious Clone
Social Bookmarking site clone is one of the most In-Demand website clones in the market. Delicious Clone is a very popular website clone. NCrypted offers very user friendly and attractive with all extended features like original website. Easy Content Management ...
December 4th 2013 Commercial  2.5 stars 10,240k
OFOS - Just Eat Clone Script
Agriya presents it highly optimized online food ordering script for every hard-driving entrepreneur, to meet the requirements of the online food service business. This Online Food Ordering System is a ready-made clone script of Just Eat. We have designed this ...
January 19th 2017 Commercial  3 stars 98k
vWorker Clone
vWorker Clone - NLance, the best vWorker Clone on Internet. NLance is a tailor made product from NCrypted Websites which includes advanced functionality along with also adds functionality you need. Request a quote today for NLance and launch own outsourcing ...
July 10th 2014 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
Task Rabbit Clone Script
Start your own TRabbit like site within a day's time through our Task Rabbit clone extension in Joomla. Be the first in your area or location to start your business for "posting tasks" and getting it done similar to TRabbit. ...
March 1st 2012 Commercial  2.5 stars 14k
Guru Clone
Guru Clone – Guru Clone is the most popular freelance portal on web. Get customized Guru Clone NLance from NCrypted and start own freelance platform. NLance serves many advanced user friendly features and functionalities to become unique in freelance race.
July 17th 2014 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
Digg Clone Script from NCrypted
Digg Clone from NCrypted is one of the most popular Social Bookmarking Site Clones which have nearly all features to start your own Digg Clone on the web.

Digg Clone is a Social Bookmarking site clone which is useful to generate ...
August 4th 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Social Media Script
Social Media Script is an extensive and powerful PHP script manufacture by NCrypted. It contains simple coding formation, so by modifying as per your needs you can able to develop your unique social media platform.
March 28th 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
Indeed Clone
Indeed Clone Script supports you to develop platform like Indeed. You can set up your own job portal business with the help of NCrypted. It contains simple coding structure so you can easily customize it as per your requirements and ...
February 10th 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
Joomla Task Rabbit Clone Script
Start your own TRabbit like site within a day's time through our Task Rabbit clone extension in Joomla. Be the first in your area or location to start your business for "posting tasks" and getting it done similar to TRabbit. ...
February 20th 2012 Commercial  2.5 stars 14k
Badoo Clone
Badoo is the famous social network where people can meet new global people and make friends, share interest, chatting and dating. Looking for online business then customize your own Badoo Clone with the help of NCrypted advanced Badoo Clone Script.
January 1st 2015 Beta  2.5 stars 25,596k
Freelance Script
Freelance Script of NCrypted embrace core features of popular freelance websites and other customized functionalities so it surety satisfy demand of project owner and freelance workers. It also supports to include your niche market ideas into your dream freelance portal ...
March 1st 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
BIDONN is an open source php auction script, freelance clone script, elance clone script and scriptlance clone script. BIDONN is available at free of cost and can be easily customized based on the niche & user's requirement as well.
August 23rd 2012 Free  3 stars 6,349k
Twitter Clone
By using advanced Twitter Clone Script of NCrypted Websites you can construct your own social media platform. Twitter Clone Script of NCrypted contains tailor made features and specialized functionalities so it helps to build tough social media portal.
January 6th 2015 Beta  2.5 stars 25,596k
Job Portal Script
Job Portal Script of NCrypted websites provides advanced features and customized functionalities but still if you need to include your niche market ideas then NCrypted also helps to add it and build your dream job portal platform.
November 1st 2014 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
CareerBuilder Clone
CareerBuilder Clone Script contains high end features and advance functionalities so it is the perfect choice to build strong job portal platform for you.
January 6th 2015 Commercial    25,596k
Facebook Clone
Customized Facebook Clone of NCrypted helps users to develop unique social network platform. Because now on web already many Facebook Clone are available, so to sustain on competitive marketplace you have to offer unique features which love all types of ...
November 1st 2014 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
Monster Clone
By using Monster Clone Script you can build your own Job portal platform. Monster Clone Script contains many advanced user friendly and SEO friendly features so your job portal easily launches on popular search engine.
February 3rd 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
Naukri Clone
Naukri Clone Script of NCrypted websites comprises many tailor made features and advanced functionalities which through you can launch custom job portal platform and start most demanding job portal business.
February 18th 2015 Commercial  2.5 stars 25,596k
Orkut Clone
By using Orkut Clone Script of NCrypted Websites you can produce your own social network platform which through you can generate lifetime profitable online business.
December 20th 2014 Beta  2.5 stars 25,596k
Airbnb clone - Nexloc
Nexploc's Airbnb clone is an exclusive online rental booking spot where hosts with space for rent meet travelling guests on the look out for an accommodation during their vacation.start your own vocational rental site in a matter of an hour.
October 2nd 2014 Commercial    6k
Netlog Clone
Netlog Clone helps you to develop strong social network portal where people can meet their local people and able to talk with their local languages. Get tailor made Netlog Clone or advanced Netlog Clone Script from NCrypted to build your ...
January 1st 2015 Beta  2.5 stars 25,596k
Related Code
This is my MySpace Clone sample source code using PHP + MySQL. If you like my code just vote for it.. Have a nice day..
August 10th 2009     336k
Maziak is a freeware open-source cross-platform clone of Maziacs. Maziacs is an action adventure maze video game published by dk'tronics in 1983 for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64[2] and MSX. Maziak is programmed in C++ using the IDE Qt Creator ...
November 30th 2011     396k
Audio/Video player Calsses
Simple Classes for playing Audio & Video
August 12th 2006     35k
Simple video player
Simple video player. A good example for beginners. Can play AVI. MPG, MPEG, not sure about DVD encoded videos. Features include: play, pause, stop, tracking, mute, zoom in and out, and fullscreen. If you like this then please rate.
January 13th 2010     43k
Tell a Friend Script v1.0
This is an ASP Script simply to be used on your pages to allow users to email an article or page they've seen on your site. This Script also use JavaScript to validate the form
February 20th 2006     4k
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Best Alibaba Clone Script ScriptsDump
Looking to start profitable b2b portal like We have the solution for you! Our state of art Alibaba clone script from ScriptsDump lets you to start the professionally looking b2b portal within minutes ScriptsDump Alibaba clone script packed with ...
April 3rd 2013     1k
Solution Guide – Alibaba Clone Script Pro
Alibaba Clone Script represents the best of the best and reflects a solution space. It is a B2c Marketplace Platform. This vendor goes head-to-head in almost every midmarket and enterprises commerce deal and for the buyers of this solution, the ...
November 26th 2017      
Pinterest Clone Script
The most affordable Enterprise Solution for starting your own Pinterest Clone at only $179. Create your very own Pinterest Clone site in mins - Increase User Engagement, Customer Retention for your site or even create your own NICHE Pinterest site ...
June 20th 2012     4,096k
CVP Video Chat Script
CVP Video Chat Script is offering you a complete pay-per-view videochat website. The script has a lot of powerful features that allow you to customize the functionality of a videochat website. Feel free to browse the presentation webpage, check the ...
January 30th 2013     135k
Clone Video Splitcam
SplitCam is a freeware virtual video clone and video driver for driver for connecting several applications to a single video capture source. Usually, if you have a web-camera connected to your computer, you cannot use it in more than one ...
January 29th 2013     3,195k
P2P 2 Way Webcam Video Chat Script
VideoWhisper 2 Way Video Chat is a P2P high definition web video communication software designed for instant 1 on 1 online video conferencing. It's a solution for conducting easy to setup face to face meetings without leaving your office or ...
February 12th 2013     745k
Best Fiverr Clone from ScriptsDump
Struggling to find best working Fiverr Clone Script that lets you to start your own micro jobs portal like We have found the solution for you!ScriptsDump-The premium turnkey scripts portal offer best fiverr clone software that lets you to ...
February 5th 2013     1k
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